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Come out to Birmingham District Brewing Co. for a Louisiana Saturday Night crawfish boil benefitting our LSU Greater Birmingham Alumni Chapter Saturday, May 11 from 2 to 6!
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Join us to cheer on our Tigers!

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Crawfish Boil
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License Plate Jamabalaya Cookout

Join us to celebrate the success of our LSU Alabama DMV license tag. Come join local LSU fans and alumni for Jambalaya and music at Brock's Gap Brewery in Hoover on Tuesday, April 18th. Food will be served at 6:00.

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LSU license plate

ORDER your LSU lic plate on APRIL 1, 2020!


SUCCESS!!! Thank you to all the LSU fans who pre-ordered the 250 plates needed!  You are now the charter members to the first LSU license plate in the state of Alabama!  We will post when the plates will be in production but until then click here for this informative FAQ

What’s the best way to show you’re a true LSU Tiger fan in Alabama? Get an LSU license plate and proudly display it wherever you go.

The Greater Birmingham LSU Alumni Association has applied for a special LSU car tag.  Alumni and fans interested in purchasing the distinctive plate may make pre-commitment purchases from the Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division beginning June 1, 2019. To submit an application, go to the DMV’s:  Commitment to Purchase License Plate Portal, click the Individual Application button and request the plate. An Instruction Manual link is available on the main page for help with completing the application.

A total of 250 applications must be submitted within a twelve-month period for the plate to be printed and issued. As soon as the required number is reached, those who made pre-commitment purchases can take their redemption voucher to their local DMV office to have the order processed. The plate then becomes available for anyone else who

wishes to buy it. The progress of the campaign can be monitored through the same portal link.  Please like and follow our Facebook page dedicated to our license plate endeavor.

For more specific information, contact Kenny Haynes.  Please like our Facebook page: Bring LSU License Plate to Alabama

If we do not reach the 250 minimum before May 31st, you will NOT be able to get the tag at renewal time. 
When we reach 250, you can redeem your preorder voucher for your LSU tag at any time. So, if you are close to your renewal month you can wait until then to redeem your preorder voucher.  If you do this you will not have to pay another $50 for your first year.  For ex if we reach our 250 goal in Feb and your renewal month is July and you choose to use your preorder voucher in Feb, you will have to pay another $50 to renew the LSU plate in July.  However you won't have to pay anything if you wait until July to redeem your preorder voucher.

UPDATE:  As of 2/3/2020, 0 pre-orders to go! (250 of 250)

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Licence plate Coach O
License plate with Burrow parents
License plate fan

Post Precommitment LSU License Plate Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, on April 1, 2020 you go into any Revenue office in the state and place your order for a plate. If that office has a preprinted plate and you do not wish to personalize it, you may get one immediately. Otherwise you will be issued a temporary plate until your plate arrives in the mail.


Q: How will I be notified when the LSU license plate is available?
A: Each person who pre-ordered a license plate will receive an email with a voucher attached. This email will inform you the date when the license plate will be available.


Q: How do I get my plate?
A: Once you receive the email and voucher, print the voucher and take it to any Revenue office in the state. The same place you would normally go to register a new vehicle. If that particular office does not have an LSU tag available, ie others have taken their supply, they will issue you a temporary tag and will mail you the plate.


Q: Can I request a plate with a special number or phrase?
A: Yes. When the tag is available, you can request special wording on the tag, limited to 5 letters/numerals. ie "LSU87."


Q: If I redeem my voucher before my renewal date, will I be charged another $50 fee when my tag otherwise renews during my renewal month?
A: Yes. 


Q: At what point can we submit a different plate design?
A: All distinctive plates must be renewed every five years. In the renewal year, if the plate has over 1,000 orders outstanding, a whole plate design can be submitted for approval.

Q: When and where are we going to have the Victory Celebration?
A: We are working with LSU Alumni leaders in South Alabama, but the first celebration Jambalaya dinner will be in Birmingham on April 4.

Q: Where can I check to see if the plate is available for order?

A: Once the plate becomes available for order/production, it should be posted at this link.


FAQ Plate
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